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Beef Stew, Doggie Style

A  much  healthier  alternative  to  canned  dog  food,  this  recipe  is  loaded  with  iron  from  fresh  protein  and  vitamins  and  can be  stored  in  your  fridge  for  most  of  the  week  (or  frozen  and  heated  up  later).

2  pounds  of  beef  stew

1  medium  or  large  sweet  potato

1  cup  of  carrots,  diced  or  shredded

1  cup  green  beans,  diced  or  1  cup  frozen  peas

1  cup  flour

1 1/2  cups  water

1  to  2  tablespoons  of  vegatable  oil  to  saute  stew  meat

1.    Cook  the  sweet  potato  in  a  microwave  for  5  to  8  minutes  until  firm  but  tender.   Set  aside.   (I’ve  found  6.5  minutes  works  well)

2.    Slice  the  beef  into  small  chunks,  about  the  size  of  a  nickel  or  put  through  meat  grinder.  (I use  the  meat  grinder attachment  on  my  kitchenaid   mixer  because  I  have small  dogs  and  it’s  easier for them  to  chew).

3.    Cook  the  beef  stew  pieces  in  vegetable  oil  over  medium  heat  for  10-15  minutes  or  until  well  done.

4.    Remove  the  beef  chunks  from  the  pan,  reserving  the  drippings.  (Make  sure  to  drain  the  meat  as  much  as  possible.    You  want  the  most  drippings  you  can  get).

5.    Dice  the  sweet  potato  but  remove  the  skin  first.

6.    Heat  the  drippings  over  medium-low  heat.    Slowly  add  flour  and  water  into  the  drippings  while  whisking  to  create  a  thick  gravy.  (I  have  found  that  depending  on  how  much  drippings  you  have  you  might  need  to  add  more  water.    The  consistency  will  be  very  thick  and  opaque.    I  thought  I  had done  something wrong  the  first  time  but  the  dogs  love  it  even  though  it  doesn’t  look like  traditional  gravy).

7.    Add  the  meat,  sweet  potato,  carrots  and  green  beans  or  peas  into  the  gravy  and  stir  to  coat.  (If  you  use frozen  peas  instead  of  beans  make  sure  to  cook  them   in  the  microwave  first).

8.    Cook  until  the  carrots  are tender  -  about  10  minutes.

9.    Let  it  cool  and  serve.

10.   Store  remaining  stew  in  the  fridge  for  up to  5  days.

I  give  my  dogs  half  dry  dog food   and  half  beef  stew.    I  put  some  stew  on  a  paper  plate  and  warm  it  up  in  the  microwave  for  20  seconds  first  and  then  mix  up  the  dry  with  the  stew  in  their  bowls.    It’s  definitely  a  crowd  pleaser  even  with  my  finicky eater.

Makes  approximately  8  cups

Nutritional  Info;

Calories :  301

Protein :  36.7  g

Fat:  8.4  g

Carbs:  17.4  g

Minerals  &  Vitamins:    Vitamin  D, Calcium,  Iron,  Potassium

Did You Know.....

... that the largest litter of puppies on record is 23?  The record is shared by three bitches of different breeds - an American Foxhound, St. Bernard and a Great Dane.  Each whelped 23 puppies in one litter.

...that an Old english Mastiff holds the record for being the heaviest dog?  In 1989, “Zorba”, a Mastiff in London, weighed 343 lbs.    He  was  also  the  longest  dog  at  8  feet  long.

...that some dogs can live beyond 20 years?  “Bluey”, an Australian Cattle Dog, holds the record for the longest life - 29 years and 5 months.  Bluey spent 20 years of his life working with cattle and sheep in Australia.

...that cats have up to 26 more vertebrae than the  human backbone?  The cat’s additional vertebrae give it greater flexibility.

...the heaviest cat on record weighed 46 lbs., 15.25 oz.  the stately cat, named  “Himmy”, was a ten year old male tabby from Queensland, Australia.

...about “Dusty”, the ultimate mother?  Dusty, a tabby from Bonham, Texas, gave birth to a record breaking 420 kittens.  She was 17 years old when she had her last kitten.

...that the tallest dog on record was named “Shamgret Danzas” and was 42 inches tall  (at the shoulder) and weighed 238 lbs.

...that the smallest dog in history was a tiny Yorkie from Blackburn, England.  At two years of age this little dude was an incredible 3.5 inches tall by 3.75 inches long.  He weighed only 4 ounces!  He was approximately the size of a matchbox.

...that US Customs Labrador named  ”Snag” has made over 118 drug seizures worth a canine record $810 million dollars.

...that the greatest number of drug seizures by dogs is 969 in 1988.  IN ONE YEAR!  The team of “Rocky”  and “Barco” patrolled the Texas and Mexico border, alias, ‘Cocaine Alley”.  They were so good that Mexican drug loads put a price of $30,000 dollars on their heads.